Separation & Divorce


Separation or divorce for any couple is never easy.  If you have made the difficult decision to leave your spouse and counselling or marriage guidance is not for you, then planning ahead, and obtaining legal advice at an early stage will help to ease the difficulty for all concerned.  Decisions made in haste or when you are in emotional turmoil are often bad decisions, which you may live to regret.

Questions that are most frequently asked are:

Who gets the house?

Where will the children live?

Am I entitled to maintenance?

Who is responsible for the bills?

Do I need to go to court?

What is a separation agreement?

How can I get a divorce?

These are all issues that you need to take legal advice on. Getting help early on is likely to save you expense at a later stage.  We have the experience and expertise in family law to help you deal with the complex issues that can arise in these difficult cases.

The problems you may experience are personal to you but they are not unique.  We will help you to understand the relevant procedures and will help you through what can be a daunting process.  We have solicitors with the necessary experience who can explain and assist you with mediation, separation agreements, judicial separation, divorce and alternative dispute resolution.

If you do not know where to turn, take the first step and make a confidential phone call to get the required advice and information.

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