Debt Recovery & Insolvency


Debt Recovery:

Our team has an invaluable mix of knowledge and skill in  corporate, property and Debt Recovery law.  We offer two core services in this area:

1. Health check and debt avoidance comprises:

  • A thorough review of you trading documentation and practice.  If weaknesses are identified a structured set of measures will be proposed and priced on a fixed fee basis.
  • Your terms and condition of business will be reviewed and drafted if needed.
  • Assignment of debts and related topics.
  • Breach of Contract and other commercial claims
  • Retention of  title to goods/assets
  • Consumer credit regulations
  • Enforcement of and advice on


-personal Guarantees and indemnities

-hire purchase, lease and other commercial credit agreements

2.  A debt recovery service tailored to your needs:

  • Demand letters
  • Court proceedings including enforcement by way of;
  • Sheriff
  • Instalment Orders
  • Committal for failure to comply with Instalment Order
  • Registration of Judgment Mortgages
  • Discovery in aid of Execution
  • Petitions to Wind  Up a Company
  • Presentation and prosecution of Bankruptcy
  • Defended cases


Our policy is to charge clients fair and reasonable fees for our advice and services. A wide range of fixed or capped fee services are available.  Generally our charges are based  on either (a) the amount of the debt or (b) an hourly rate which varies according to:

  • the seniority of the person involved
  • the complexity of the matters and difficulty involved
  • the skill, labour, specialized knowledge and responsibility involved
  • the urgency of the matter
  • the value of the transaction

Insolvency and Financial Rescue

The full range of services covering corporate and personal insolvency is offered, in addition to advice and assistance in financial rescue.

Areas include:

  • Pre-insolvency advice and assistance
  • Representation to Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Negotiation/mediation in winding-up petitions
  • Advice  in relation to appointment of and provision of advice to receivers, administrations and liquidators.
  • Advice in relation to voluntary liquidations,
  • Advice in relation to Company and individual voluntary arrangements with creditors
  • Advice on security issues
  • Employee/creditor claims
  • Advice on Retention of title issues.
  • Advice on factoring, leasing and hire purchase.