Nursing Home Support Scheme

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The Nursing Home Support Scheme also known as the “Fair Deal” Nursing Home Scheme is operated by the HSE and provides financial assistance to people in need of long term nursing homecare.
Under this scheme, the HSE will pay any shortfall between what you can afford to pay and the actual cost of your nursing home care. Both public and private nursing homes are included and there is a list available from the HSE.

In order to qualify for the scheme a financial assessment and a care needs assessment must be carried out.

The financial assessment will examine details of your income and assets. You must contribute 80% of your assessable income and 7.5% (formerly 5%) of the value of any assets per annum. The first €36,000.00 of your assets or €72,000.00 for a couple will not be counted. Your primary residence is only included in the assessment for the first three years in a nursing home while all other assets will be included for as long as you are in care in a nursing home.

A Nursing Home loan is available whereby you defer the contribution based on your assets until after your death. The HSE will pay your nursing home on your behalf and this deferred contribution will be collected after your death.

The care needs assessment will identify whether or not you need long term nursing home care and whether this is the right choice for you.

Once the financial assessment and care needs assessments have been completed the HSE will write advising of the contribution required and whether you would be eligible for state support. If you have applied for a Nursing Home Loan, you will also be advised about your eligibility for this. Finally, you will be provided with a list of nursing homes to choose from.

Applications are made to your Local Nursing Home Support Office and an application form can be found on the HSE’s website, Alternatively, you can contact the HSE at 1850 241850.