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What are Water charges?


Sep 29, 2014


What are Water Charges?

Water charges will affect households in Ireland connected to public water supply (or to public wastewater services). Water meters are being installed throughout the country and the first bills will issue from January 2015. The governing legislation is contained in the Water Services Acts 2013 and Irish Water are currently sending every home in the country an application pack.


The application is to be completed by all households whether they have public water supply/public wastewater. If they have neither they declare themselves not to be a customer and return the application form.


If however they use a public service water and/or public wastewater further details are required to apply for the appropriate free allowances. From January 2015 it is intended that the Social Welfare Household benefit packages will include assistance for water costs


How much will it cost?

A final cost structure is expected from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) but the framework proposed includes:


The first 30,000 litres per household will be free,


Plus an extra free allowance of 21,000 litres per child:


The balance used to be charged at a rate of €4.88 per 1,000 litres for households that use both water services and wastewater services (€2.44 per 1,000 litres if you only use one service). Charges proposed to be capped for people whose medical condition requires extra water usage


If your meter hasn't been installed by the time metering starts, Irish water will estimate your bill on a standard assessed usage.




Bills will issue in the first quarter of 2015, based on charging for from October 2014.


What about rental property?


If you rent out a House – the tenant is liable.


Commercial water charges are levied on all businesses and must be paid to the local authority and final rules on mixed-use premises – that is, a property with a business and a household are awaited from the CER.



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