Fresh Start for Divorced & Separated People

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Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien recently confirmed that Housing designed only for nuclear families do not meet “the reality of the world we live in”.  This is good news for separating and divorced couples who no longer have a stake in the family home as new proposals will treat them as first time buyers in certain cases. 

Trying to get back on the property ladder after divorce or separation is a well-documented problem and a huge struggle for separating and divorcing couples. These new proposals should alleviate the financial hurdles divorced and separated people have to surmount after they move out of the family home in trying to raise the 20% deposit required as a second time buyer.

For couples ending their marriages later in life often struggle to be considered for new mortgages altogether and under the new plans set to come into force from April, people in these situations should be eligible for State backed loan schemes.  This will provide for divorced and separating people to be included as people eligible under schemes life the Local Authority led Affordable Purchase Scheme or the First Home Shared Equity Scheme.

This Fresh Start principle is welcome news for couples looking to separate and should offer a way out for them in situations where it is often the case that the family home and the division or sale of it is often the most contentious aspect to any Family Law Case.