Covid 19

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We wish to thank and encourage all of those who are in the frontline in the battle to protect the health of the community against Covid 19.    We also want to acknowledge the huge contribution and sacrifice made by their families and all those who facilitate them in keeping the community safe and the supply chains open.    Thank you to one and all.    

Unfortunately, as part of the wider community effort to halt the spread of the disease, we are in a position where we must, for the moment, close our operations.     We are prevented from attending at our offices and while there is the capability of limited working on a remote basis, the reality is that, for the moment, we are extremely limited as to the service that we would want to provide to our clients.      We will endeavour to function within the constraints applicable.     Telephones will not be manned and we would ask that if you have a query or request, you would forward it by email.    We cannot promise that we will be in a position to respond.

It is our intention to reopen for business and to provide a full level of service as soon as is allowed.   In the meantime, we thank you for your continued trust and confidence.    We hope that you and yours remain well and that if you have been ill that you recover quickly.