Biodiversity at Ahern Roberts O'Rourke Williams & Partners

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Climate change and loss of habitat leads to a loss of wildlife.  Biodiversity is important to all of us and all of us can help to protect that biodiversity.  We have signed up to the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and have taken steps to protect our wildlife.

We have implemented a number of practices to improve the landscape for biodiversity at our offices as members of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.  These include:

Pollinator Friendly Mowing: We cut certain areas of our grass less frequently to encourage the growth of wildflowers, and to benefit pollinators.

The use of insecticides and herbicides is avoided.

Create pollinator nesting habitats: we have a colony of bees in the grounds of our office.  Apart from small birds, you may also find bats and hedgehogs.  

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