Notary Services


The services of a Notary Public are required in relation to the witnessing and execution of documents that will be used in another jurisdiction.

We can provide a fast, efficient and friendly notarial service, to both companies and individuals. The subject of notarial services can be complex and often confusing so please feel to contact us with your enquiry.

Our Notary Services include:-

  • Authentication of International Commercial Documentation – such as assignments of intellectual property rights including trademarks and patents, tenders and contracts
  • Authentication of Documents for use in Foreign Court Litigation
  • Certification of documents and facts
  • Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Documents for buying or selling a property abroad
  • Administration of  Estates in other jurisdictions
  • Authenticating Documents and Information for Immigration or Emigration purposes
  • Applications for visas or permanent residence
  • Certificates of freedom to marry abroad
  • Certification of copy documents
  • Shipping Protests
  • Protesting Bills of Exchange

For further information contact:

Colm O’Rourke at