Cervical Check & Delayed Diagnosis

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A medical practitioner has breached his or her duty of care in circumstances where a mistake has been made or a delay has occurred in the diagnosing of an illness or an injury. Failing to take action after test results falls into this category also. In deciding if a patient was treated negligently a court will question whether a normal competent physician would have acted in manner identical to the defendant doctor. Medical negligence cases will nearly always name the health authority, laboratory and hospital involved as defendants. In order that someone’s case is not statute barred, as soon as any such incident becomes known to a person they should contact their Solicitor immediately. Essentially, if someone is only informed now about incorrect test results given in a test undertaken a number of years ago, and that person has developed an illness as a result of that test result that person has two years from the ‘date of knowledge’ to bring a claim for compensation.

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